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 Post subject: to davy jones' locker, roger's folly
 Post Posted: Sun May 09, 2010 9:43 pm 

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what to do, when you become the purveyor of peoples unwanted boats? you become a pirate of course.

if you have several trolling motors, a few water cannons some cap guns and many assorted water artillery... make yourself a flag and join us on the high seas in search of treasure and glory!

the rules are simple.
#1 water weapons are allowed and highly encouraged foam weapons are also allowed. nothing that sparks or flames may be used.
#2 no gasoline motors allowed, all fuel tanks shall be removed from your craft
#3 no ramming allowed.
#4 all craft shall be equipped with a trolling motor that has a plastic propeller and a unique flag.
#4a the flag must be flown from the back of your vessel.
#5 you are done for the round when your flag is captured.
#6 everything else is optional.

what started out as a few friends and brothers bored off their behind on a private access lake has now spawned to lake wide events. we originally had a crew of 2 now it is likely to see crews of 8 and even spies and espionage.

today four of the finest craft to ever sail upon the E*lake met for a battle of the ages. my ship, the Misfits revenge (a 16 foot tri-hulled deck boat) and her crew of five were of course victorious, however we did have one crew member leave early due to his need to chum the waters... poor swaab hadn't yet found his sea legs. early off we encountered the rogers folly, after taking heavy fire we were able to out maneuver the aging 30 foot pontoon boat and had them on the run, until assistance arrived with the white oyster. as the oyster turned to broadside us my right hand man and wet man climbed aboard the opposite side and was able to secure the oysters flag and take the captain hostage. we then escorted our new prize back to our port and treated the crew of the oyster to hospitality while the authorities cruised the waters.

around noon the second round began shortly after the sheriff's boat was removed from the water. unfortunately we were held at port due to some electrical difficulties. and smugglers pride met with rogers folly. minutes into the fight and sp taking heavy barrages the young skipper miscalculated and rammed the folly. while the crew of the sp attempted to dislodge themselves from the folly, the crew of the folly took the sp's flag. we believe that it was during this time that the folly was dragged over the north end reef which caused her port pontoon to rupture.

as my crew and i took to the waters we were confronted by the folly, with the fresh taste of blood they were ready for a rematch. I quickly maneuvered into firing position and we gave her the best barrage we could. within minutes we were able to overwhelm the crew and their wounded vessel taking both the folly's and sp's flag for trophies and returned to port. as we watched the folly maneuver towards it's home port we signaled that the boat was listing heavily, the captain refused assistance. it's been reported that the crew arrived at port in fair condition however the folly was last reported seen on the south eastern bank. we believe the captain attempted to beach her there and save the crew a swim.


 Post subject: Re: to davy jones' locker, roger's folly
 Post Posted: Mon May 10, 2010 7:57 pm 
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Great tale, would have loved to have been there, so I must say
:plaugh: :pbuds:

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